The problem with most online courses is...

They can leave you in a state of CONFUSION!

If the concepts are not clearly explained and examples for application are not provided - you end up confused and frustrated.

They are too LONG and can be BORING!

Instructors spend too much time explaining a concept. They don't make the content fun which leads to boredom and disinterest.

They make you spin with TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

You feel overwhelmed by the volume of information that is presented.

If you can relate to the above then I have good news!

DATAcated Academy is DIFFERENT!

Our courses are quick, fun, and informative.

Meet your instructor

Hi, I’m Kate Strachnyi

I'm really excited to be your instructor for the DATAcated Academy courses!

What I bring to every course is my extensive experience with data analysis and visualization tools - including R, Python, Tableau, Power BI, Qlik + more!

I believe that learning should be a FUN and pleasurable experience. This is why I built the DATAcated Academy.